ViaGem Foundation Program

For organizations with needs as described below… and organizations that are financially secure and considering alternative investments or donations to outside organizations, programs, projects, or missions…

ViaGem Foundation Program is a program established to provide investment and financial management assistance to help organizations that are under-funded and located in developing areas around the world that would not otherwise have access to these types of professional services or resources, but could benefit from them.

Assistance includes:

  • Financial planning
  • Stewardship education and training
  • Organizing and designing various types of investment programs, including: community and alternative investment programs
  • Implementing, coordinating, and monitoring ongoing programs

Our contacts in and around the world of religious organizations provide us with access and resources that help to make connections between organizations; those that have funds to invest, or contribute, to alternative opportunities and initiatives which they identify with, and those that have needs that meet specified criteria.

ViaGem can assist both types of organizations; to organize, formalize, implement, and monitor programs that are established to accomplish specified objectives, whether groups work together on a related opportunity, or completely independent of each other.

Through planning, coordination, and communication, the best interests of the organization(s) involved are served and the intended commitments and objectives are fulfilled.

Professional assistance is provided by ViaGem, LLC, a licensed investment advisor. As an independent third-party professional, ViaGem brings objectivity and impartiality to the situation, which leads to sound judgment, fresh ideas and collaborative solutions.