Fiduciary and SRI

For those with a process in place who are committed to going to the next level…

Fiduciary Counseling includes a formal assessment of your current investment situation and a comparison to global standards and “Best Practices”.  It helps you to align your investment practices with your IPS (investment policy statement) and vice-versa.  It helps you achieve your legal/fiduciary responsibilities in a prudent, informed, and accountable manner.

SRI (Socially Responsible Investing) Counseling includes assessing your current screening, shareholder advocacy, and community (alternative) investment practices in comparison to the latest industry standards/principles.  It helps you to align your investment practices with your SRI criteria and vice versa.  It helps you to achieve your mission (i.e. greater social impact) through your investments.

Positive acknowledgement received from a formal assessment process can be very beneficial to: rally support from major donors, communicate progress and action to interested parties, and provide valuable information for decision making and other work related to the organization.

ViaGem’ assessment can include: the practices of the investment committee, the investment holdings in the portfolio, and other parties involved in the investment process.

Assessments are prepared using:

  • Comprehensive management standards for stewards, sponsors, consultants/advisers, managers, banks and/or brokers
  • Up-to-date access and knowledge of relevant markets, investment manager universes, styles and techniques, and regulatory requirements

In addition, performance back-studies can be prepared to provide historical insight as to how your funds and managers have done and whether or not they have met your guidelines and objectives.

As an independent third-party professional, ViaGem brings objectivity and impartiality to the situation, which leads to sound judgment, fresh ideas and collaborative solutions.