Investment Management Consulting

For those who are committed to improving their ongoing investment process and long-term results…

Investment Management Consulting is a comprehensive process of organizing, formalizing, implementing, and monitoring the investments of your organization ongoing toward achieving your desired results and objectives.

This process includes:

  • Financial planning
  • Steward education and orientation
  • Organizing, assessing, and designing investment strategies
  • Implementing, coordinating, and monitoring the investment program

By adopting a formal investment process with an experienced consulting firm, you are in position to take advantage of investment opportunities and avoid common pitfalls (such as: hidden risks and hidden fees).  You are better able to assess and choose the appropriate level of risk you should take given your situation.

ViaGem’s experience and approach enables us to quickly identify and understand your situation, needs, and priorities.  We focus on your goals and issues, and help you design and formalize prudent strategies to enable you to meet them.

ViaGem takes the lead to keep the process on track with consistent communication, evaluation, and periodic educational/planning sessions.  Implementation of the plan and recommendations is enhanced through open dialogue and collaboration with all parties involved (leaders, committee members, managers, brokers, custodian, etc.).

Quarterly Evaluation Reports are prepared using:

  • State-of-the-art management and performance evaluation tools
  • Up-to-date market data and SRI practices
  • Comprehensive methods for manager and fund due diligence

As part of the comprehensive services provided, manager/fund searches, interviews and selection are performed and facilitated on an as needed basis based on established criteria.

As an independent co-fiduciary, ViaGem does not accept compensation or commissions from money managers on assets under advisement.