For Religious Insitutes, Church,  and Mission/Faith-Based Organizations

Fiduciary and SRI Counseling

This service is designed to help leaders and investment committee members assess, maintain, and improve Fiduciary and SRI practices that will improve the organization’s long-term effectiveness.

Investment Management Consulting

This service is a comprehensive process to organize, formalize, implement, and monitor investments and strategies ongoing to increase the likelihood of achieving desired results and objectives.

ViaGem Foundation Program

This program was established to provide investment and financial management assistance to help under-funded organizations located in developing areas around the world that would not otherwise have access to these types of professional services and resources.

Our Mission is to enable leaders to better serve their organizations.

Experience Viagem

ViaGem, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor. (The word “ViaGem” is of Portuguese origin meaning “Journey”.) Since the early 1980’s members of the ViaGem team have worked full-time with numerous religious congregations, sponsored institutions and church entities on various types of investment accounts and a broad range of related issues.


Steve Zielinski, CIMA, AIFA, AVA, President and Senior Consultant/Analyst, has devoted his professional career to serving the specialized needs of religious, church, and other mission/faith-based organizations around the world.

Why we do what we do

We are dedicated to the global standards of excellence in our profession and enthusiastically committed to helping and enabling our clients succeed. We are privileged to work side by side with them, as trusted advisors, to develop and carry out important plans and decisions affecting the future of their organizations and the people they serve.